Thermoforming is a low-cost alternative to sheet metal, rotational or injection molding for producing plastic parts.


  • Allows small and large volume production runs which are economically feasible.
  • It also allows cosmetics — such as embossing— to be molded into the part. This process allows branding on all products.
  • Allows for the use of advanced plastic extrusions.
  • Efficient and cost-effective way of producing/manufacturing large plastic parts.
  • Lead times for tooling and production are usually much shorter than other processes.
  • Usually allows for easier and lower cost mid-run design modifications.
  • Offers short-term low cost testing of designs and market acceptance through the use of temporary tooling.
  • Cost effective way to produce large panels, housings, enclosures or similar parts.
  • Project costs are usually much lower than other processes.
  • Reduced tooling costs.
  • Allows for cost-effective short production run.

High Volume production is our market niche. Give us a chance to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our facility is equipped with:

  • 1 double sided shuttle with top & bottom platens
  • 2 single shuttle with top & bottom platens
  • CNC Routing shop
  • 1 single station bottom platens (12×12)
  • In house welding department
  • 3 rotary vacuum formers
  • Machining Department