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Protective plexiglass cough/sneeze shield for team members.

1 x Clear acrylic plexiglass shield 24” high x 32” wide x 3/16” thick (.1875) with a 24” transaction opening at the base and a 2” clearance for documents.

2 x Black durable ABS wide base stands.

  • Effective – Cough/Sneeze shield.
    • This clear portable polished acrylic shield can be an effective solution against coughing, sneezing, colds, flus or viruses in concert with other preventive measures.
    • Worker to customer, worker to worker and numerous other conditions/locations.
    • Reusable and resilient with proper disinfectant and sanitation procedures.
  • Impact Resistant
    • Superb quality acrylic plexiglass with safety polished edges.
    • High resistance against impact and shattering.
  • Quick Assembly
    • Assembles quickly and is mobile. Precision pressure fitting ABS wide base stands.
    • Requires no hardware or tools for assembly.
  • Adaptable/Mobile
    • Fits most desks, counters and tables.
    • Great for service, sales, health care reception points and numerous other applications to fight COVID-19.

Protect your employees and customers.
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    No returns accepted due to the nature of the product and possible contamination during pandemic.