Our range of products cover agriculture, oil & gas, store fixtures, ice and beverage products, medical, packaging, secondary containment tanks, and air conditioning parts.

Our client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies and individuals who think like Fortune 500 companies. No job is too big or small.

  • Frozen Beverage Division – we supply with numerous drip trays and side panels we produce for ice and beverage stores.
  • HEB – one of the largest grocery store chains in Texas, entrusts our company to produce fruit and vegetable bins, freezer drip trays and other plastic products.
  • Friedrich Air-Conditioning – is a partner for which we produce A/C housing components, fan shrouds and drip pans.
  • American Medical Devices is a partner we supply with an Instrument wall plaque in order to facilitate state of the art medical facilities.
  • Schroeder America – is a partner we supply with food and beverage dispensing products.
  • Contractors Specialties & Supply – is a Water, Sewer, Pipeline, and Communications and Power Line Construction Industry supplier that we supply with custom sewer inserts.

Franks Manufacturing has assisted Munters in the design of various production and R&D parts. Their expertise in large vacuum formed parts has allowed Munters to meet our design intent while staying under budget. On multiple occasions Franks Manufacturing has visited the factory and participated in design reviews to understand the design intent. This allowed Franks Manufacturing to create prototype parts with little to no rework, ultimately saving time and money. From high volume production parts to one-off R&D test parts, Munters highly recommends Franks Manufacturing.

Monty Yates
Product Development Supervisor
Business Area Research & Development