Mold production is in house initially for all work and then is poured at a local foundry in San Antonio, TX. All prototyping is in house by our own staff.

  • Franks has the capability to get a design from paper to plastic and made into a part in a timely manner.
  • Franks Manufacturing has a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) shop that uses 3 axis routers. These systems have the capability to translate programmed instruction coordinates into precision parts.
  • Programmers use MasterCAM’s most recent version for routers and Solid Works for the CAD design program which writes a part program and routes many identical parts. This allows workers to then run the same program weeks or months from initial programming and get identical parts.
  • CNC routers are used in manufacturing parts from non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper. Many other materials are cut with CNC routers such as plastic, tooling foam, fiberglass, signboard, particleboard, oriented strand board, and composites.

We have been using these same techniques for over 36 years, without fail we are a dedicated manufacturer who savors the opportunity to prove themselves on a daily basis.

Given the opportunity, Franks Manufacturing will excel and exceed your expectations.